Well I hadn’t! But apparently this was released recently and DAMN. If it looked like this back in the day, my brain would have snapped in half.

And exploded.

Lucasarts had a great run in the 90s with STAR WARS games starting with X-WING. It’s successor, TIE FIGHTER was and still is considered one of the finest space flight games ever. I still like X-WING better but mostly because flying as one of the bad guys never quite sat right for me. That being said, from a pure gaming standpoint, TIE FIGHTER was an improvement in many ways.

Now we have this, TIE FIGHTER completely upgraded with today’s technology. Here’s a look:

Pretty sweet, I have to admit. This same group did a similar upgrade to X-WING ALLIANCE a while ago, as I understand it. This is amazing stuff. Reboots that I wholeheartedly approve of. This was released on July 6th so go get it!