“No…That’s Not True…That’s Impossible!”

In a recent interview with Esquire, Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich opened up about his Star Wars future and the possibility of making a sequel to Disney’s 2018 bomb.

Since that box-office devastation, Ehrenreich took a break and did not talk about his future as Han Solo, however, prior to Solo’s dismal performance, there was talk of a sequel happening. It was also reported that Ehrenreich was locked into a 3-movie deal.

Well, what’s he been saying about a sequel, and will he return to play the Galaxy’s favourite smuggler?

“It depends on what it is… on how it’s done. It depends if it feels innate to the story.”

“I mean, you know, I think our movie was kind of the last of the conventional-era Star Wars movie release time.”

However, he did tell the publication that there were some tidbits he’d heard about the galaxy far, far away.

“I’ve heard soooome stuff, but nothing concrete. To be honest, I think the challenge has more to do with the foreign box office than the U.S.”

Even though contracts might still be bound for some actors or ideas could be floating around, the prospect of a Solo sequel wasn’t even appealing to those that worked on the movie after its release.

Back in 2018, co-writer Jonathan Kasdan spoke on the ultra-slim chances of a sequel for Solo

“Personally, I think there are great Star Wars movies to be made that don’t need to cost quite so much. Hopefully, that will be the trend in years to come, and maybe, just maybe, that trend will allow us, one way or another, to tell more stories with Alden, Joonas [Suotamo], Emilia [Clarke], and Donald [Glover].”

Disney and Lucasfilm can’t be that foolish, surely?