It’s like the bloody Gerard Butler show around here lately. He just keeps pumping them out! Butler has said that not only is Den of Thieves getting a sequel, but a fourth film in the …Has Fallen franchise is coming soon.

Speaking with EW while doing the promotion for his comet disaster movie Greenland, the Scottish star says Mike Banning is needed right now so will make a comeback:

“I think with everything going on, we need him. He needs to come back… I think you will be seeing another. We’re toying away with another really fantastic idea that we’re working on at the moment that obviously we can’t say too much about.”

The movies are panned by critics, but fans don’t care and keep turning up. All three films in the series have made money and found an audience despite critical snobbery. They succeed by being old fashioned action-adventure in the budget range that most of a Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to make.

The last movie, Angel Has Fallen, only cost $40m to make which meant it didn’t have to run too far to turn a profit. They also do solid business on home rentals and, apparently, streamers. Once again it seems audiences know something that critics and suits don’t.

Continuing his quest to become the hardest working man in Hollywood is the Den of Thieves sequel. Butler confirms this is heading to Europe:

“We’re working on that script at the moment, and I’m getting pages daily from [director Christian Gudegast]. It’s a fun ride, spreading across North America into Europe and the diamond district of Marseilles. It’s very cool and has a more European vibe this time. All the fun characters, Big Nick, Donnie, and Lobbin’ Bob, will be back. And I’m really excited about it.”

Greenland arrives in theatres on August 14th, he’s in pre-production on Remote Control in which he plays a corporate intelligence analyst trying to save the Chinese economy from a global conspiracy. He will also be seen in Kandahar.

Guy is going to need a vacation.