Disgraced, his movie mogul empire bankrupt, his reputation in tatters, more sentences likely to come on top of the 23 years he already has, and apparently in need of a walker.  Things couldn’t really get much worse for Harvey Weinstein. But they just did.  He has tested positive for COVID19, the disease you get from the Coronavirus.

Harvey Helps A Budding Actress

Tested on his entry into the prison system, the results have come back to mean Weinstein in now isolation.

The Press Republican first reported this from the Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo.

The State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision won’t confirm the report due to federal health-care privacy restrictions but they will confirm that two inmates at Wende had the coronavirus so far.

Best Buddies

There have been concerns over how prisons seemingly provide the perfect place for a virus like this to spread rapidly, soon overwhelming prison medical facilities and potentially causing mass prison unrest.  Prison reformers say we should consider mass releases of less serious prisoners to stave this off. Justice hawks say lock them all in their cells for as long as it takes until this passes.

Weinstein was put into the system last week to begin his 23 year trial for rape and sexual assault.