When you own the rights to seven books that have sold over 500 million copies worldwide, rights that made you nearly $8 billion worldwide from eight movies, then serious coin with two spin-off movies, you aren’t going to stop pumping those rights for a long time.
And Warner Bros. are going to pump away, good and hard, on Harry Potter. HBO Max will be the destination for a Harry Potter TV series that is apparently in the very early stages of development.
According to The Live Feed nobody is currently attached to the project, but talks are underway to start to feel out ideas and potential creative talent. There is no news on what period in the Harry Potter timeline the TV series may focus on.
HBO Max and Warner Bros remain tight lipped, claiming in a statement:

“There are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform.”

However the industry scuttlebutt is that this is clearly a smokescreen as the development of a TV series set in JW Rowling’s The Wizarding World has been an open secret in Hollywood with talk of a show doing the rounds for years. Last week Warner Bros. reportedly zeroed in on the hiring of a TV executive to handle a cross-platform expansion and co-ordination.

One thing that did really work with the Harry Potter series was that the core audience of children grew with the characters, with each instalment representing a school year in the lives of the children. They also ratcheted up from being whimsical adventures to dealing with some pretty dark subject matter by the end of the stories. Suddenly themes like love, betrayal, politics and even espionage started to crop up in a series of kids movies.
The first movie, featuring the characters as eleven year olds, is now 20 years old, making the characters 31 if they follow that timeline. Daniel Radcliffe is 31 at the time of writing, Rupert Grint is 32 and Emma Watson is 30. So if they could be persuaded to return maybe they could set-up as a continuation?
According to the canon, in adulthood Harry works a desk job as the Head of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic, basically an Auror whose job it is to investigate and stop acts of Dark Magic. Ron works with him, while also being independently wealthy from his investment in his brothers joke shop which is now a resounding success.

Hermione  and Ron are married, with Hermione being senior in the Ministry Of Magic. Harry’s wife Ginny is the editor of the sports section of The Daily Prophet newspaper. All their children, including Harry’s adopted son whose parents were killed in the battle of Hogwarts, now attend the school.
A TV series based on the Auror adventures of Harry and Ron, maybe something with a little bit of the magical X-Files about it, with Hermione as their sometimes disapproving superior at the Ministry covering for them? A Higgins to their Magnum? An Inspector Todd to their Axel Foley?

Stop laughing at the back. Hey, look, if Cobra-Kai can pull off a continuation as good as it is from something from our youth, then in the right hands couldn’t Potter do the same? You know you’d watch it with your kids if it was good. Don’t deny it.