Word on Diagon Alley is that the Harry Potter franchise is seriously being considered for an unnecessary reboot.

The latest rumor has come from WDW Pro who claims that within the next 3-5 years, you will get a whole new cast and retelling of the modern-day classics. 

With the Fantastic Beasts series dying on its arse and failing to capture the fans’ imagination and more importantly, their money, it would appear that Warner Bros. Discovery is going to attempt an unforgivable curse and try and milk the Potter cash cow who thought it was enjoying retirement at Hagrid’s Hut.

Warner Bros. Discovery feels the original Harry Potter fandom is aging and they want to revitalize a new generation in order to drive new audiences to theaters. When I say revitalize, I actually mean exploit and fleece them of their money by rehashing a franchise that only finished 11 years ago because Hollywood is all out of new ideas and lacks the courage to try anything new.


Harry Potter And Exploitation Of Families

Let’s be honest, this is one of the laziest, cheapest, and possibly one the most disheartening moves by a movie studio seen in a long time. The Harry Potter movies are excellent, I would even go as far as to say they could be considered a perfect set. Yeah, I enjoy them that much.

Starting with the magical innocence of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone which is when Harry is 11, J.K. Rowling’s stories got progressively darker and more sinister as they went along. She expertly synced them perfectly with the ages and development of her target audience, until she concluded with Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows when Harry, Ron and Hermione reached young adulthood. 

Harry Potter

However, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows book was released back in 2007, and part 2 of the movie was back in 2011. This means that even if the target audience were 18 at the time of the release of the book, they would now be 33 years old. 

The average age to start a family is between 26 and 30. So for the sake of argument, let’s say the original fans who grew up with the books have a 5-year-old. If this reboot happens in the next 5 years, that’ll make them 10 by the time new Harry is 11, which is once again perfect timing. This cynical planning would give Warner Bros. Discovery at least another 10+ years of money-making as they hope history repeats itself.


Harry Potter And The Next Logical Step

Naturally, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child would be the most logical path they take, but the possibility of that movie adaptation has been in development hell for years.

Daniel Radcliffe has stated he has no interest in returning to Potter so soon after the last film. He hasn’t ruled it out but he did say a couple of years back that 10 years was too soon to return. 

We also have the problem of Emma Watson and her descent into feminist brainwashing and woketardery. With J.K. Rowlings stance that trans “women” don’t have the same life experience as real women, Watson seems to have turned on the woman responsible for launching her career and helping her amass a net worth of $85 million.

So would Watson even be up to the long-awaited sequel or would she stand her ground and refuse to work on anything Rowling related?

Emma Watson

I’d wager that like most loud-mouthed, virtue-signaling celebrities, as soon as a big fat check and the opportunity of a much-needed career boost arrived at her feet, Watson would drop all her grandstanding and sign on the dotted line faster than you can wave a magic wand and say “cuttoff-my-breastios”.

Regardless, WBD needs money and they need it quickly, especially after the fiasco of their superhero movies. So, with the reluctance of the original cast to return so soon (if at all) it seems the Cursed Child will be put back on the shelf for at least another decade.


Harry Potter And The Token Casting

All of this takes us back to the reboot and given the state of Hollywood and the constant need for tick boxing, the new Harry Potter reboot will be of such eye-rolling magnitude, that the very thought of it gives me a migraine.

There is absolutely no way on earth that the three main characters would remain white and heterosexual. Harry will be mixed race, Ron will be gay, and Hermione will be trans – oh the delicious irony of that only might actually be worth seeing. 

Anyway I digress, we have seen with the likes of Willow, The Rangs Of Power, and now that godforsaken The Witcher: Blood Origin, that nothing is sacred and is only used as propaganda and a way to continue to “push the message”.

This is a no-win situation for Warner Bros. Discovery because if they do intend to milk the Potter cow, then they would need to stay true to the source material which is something modern Hollywood is reluctant to do regardless of the financial suicide it results in.

If they choose the path of the franchises mentioned above, not only will they lose money, they will forever tarnish the franchise, just like Star Trek and Star Wars and as a result, they can kiss goodbye to that inevitable Cursed Child coin they hoping to cash in.

Personally, I would love to see Warner Bros. Discovery leave the original Harry Potter stories alone and offer the original cast such an eye-watering amount of money to come back for Cursed Child that they can’t say no. Then launch a whole new series of capers starring the next generation of Potters and Weasleys after that.

Come on Zaslav, learn from the mistakes of Star Wars, Marvel, Star Trek etc. – the long-term gains far outweigh the short-term profits.


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