Game of Thrones star Kit Harington appeared in person at the L.A. Convention Centre for the Official Game Of Thrones Fan Convention running over the last few days. There he revealed more about the planned sequel series featuring Jon Snow, and what happened next.

Game Of Thrones

Harington didn’t give much away, but did talk to an interviewer from EW about where the show, currently in development, will likely find Jon Snow:

“I think if you asked him, he would’ve felt he got off lightly. At the end of the show, when we find him in that cell, he’s preparing to be beheaded, and he wants to be. He’s done. The fact he goes to the Wall is the greatest gift and also the greatest curse.

He’s gotta go back up to the place with all this history and live out his life thinking about how he killed Dany, and live out his life thinking about Ygritte dying in his arms, and live out his life thinking about how he hung Olly, and live out his life thinking about all of this trauma, and that, that’s interesting.

So I think where we leave him at the end of the show, there’s always this feeling of like… I think we wanted some kind of little smile that things are OK. He’s not OK.”

Author George R.R. Martin had said that it was Harrington’s idea to look at what happened next. The level of Martin’s involvement is unknown as he is closely involved with House Of The Dragon and fans will be hoping he does not get further distracted with another spin-off instead of finishing the main book series.

Fans have been waiting eleven years and counting since A Dance With Dragons was released for The Winds Of Winter. There is another main book to come after that.

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