According to an official press release, Network Distributing has concluded a deal with Hammer Films to form Hammer Studios Ltd.


The new company will manage and control Hammer’s interests in its huge library of content and will see substantial investment both in restoration and new product development from both its owned and newly created IP.

According to the report, Hammer Studios will:

“invest substantially both in restoration and new production development,”


In a statement, Network’s managing director Tim Beddows said:

“This partnership is a really exciting opportunity to merge Hammer’s amazing library with Network’s infrastructure. Whilst we work our way through restoring its entire back catalogue for future generations’ enjoyment, we’re equally excited about the development of new productions from the Hammer canon.”


Hammer CEO Simon Oakes added:

“This new partnership will, for the first time, professionalize the restoration and creation of elements that are essential for distribution of the Hammer library across all media. At the same time we will, with Network, be able to build on the legacy of Britain’s most iconic film brand, one that started in 1934 and is alive and kicking in 2021.”

The project is no mean feat, with over a hundred films produced under Hammer’s name, most between 1950 and 1979, covering not only the horror genre but also psychological thrillers, war films, comedies, and swashbucklers including classics like Dracula and The Mummy, and newer ventures like The Quiet Ones and The Woman in Black.


The company has previously restored episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, as well as The Prisoner and over a hundred films released under The British Film imprint.

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