Hey Guys!

I have watched a lot of movies in my life. I have lost count on the actual number years ago. The problem I am finding is the quality of new movies is lacking. I can honestly say that I detest most of what Hollywood has shat out in the past 20 or so years.

But I love movies.

So I have decided to look at more movies made outside of the California cookie-cutting machine. The results have been hit or miss for the most part. I will admit that there are some brilliant films produced by the French, and in Germany, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and several other countries. It is worth the time to seek them out. I plan on doing my part here.

This is one of them from Russia.

“The lone survivor of an enigmatic spaceship incident hasn’t returned back home alone-hiding inside his body is a dangerous creature”

Taking place during the Cold War in the 80s, this Russian tale is about a failed mission in space where two cosmonauts come back to Earth with a real illegal alien!

The Russian military has the trio on a base that also houses a lot of prisoners. At first, this seems to be an odd place for them, but as the story unfolds, it becomes clear as to why they are there.

Colonel Semiradov is keeping the alien under wraps from the Kremlin brings in Dr. Tatyana Klimova, a psychiatrist who is under review due to her unconventional methods. The doctor must become a detective as she is also being kept from the truth by the Colonel.

As she learns more about what is going on, we see how the Colonel is trying to see if the creature can be weaponized. The problem is that there is a mental link between the alien and the cosmonaut.

The film stars Moscow actor Pyotr Fyodorov as Soviet Cosmonaut Konstantin Veshnyakov.

And Oksana Akinshina and Fedor Bondarchuk as Dr. Tatyana Klimova and Colonel Semiradov.

Unnamed Illegal Alien.


This is the first feature-length film for director Egor Abramenko and cinematographer Maxim Zhukov, but don’t hold that against them, as they both display their talent in this production. With a US 2.6 million dollar budget, they were able to turn out a great looking film. I would put it up against any $30-50 million budget US film any day.

On top of the great visual aspect of the film, the sound-stage is also top-notch. If you have a decent multichannel setup, you are in for a nice surprise. All in all an excellent production.

The movie is not perfect in any stretch, there are some pacing issues, and a sub-plot that did not really add to the story and could have been cut. Otherwise, a nice effort and worth your time if you are tired of Hollywood products.

One more thing to note, the film is in Russian, so be prepared for subtitles.

Runtime 1h53 min

You should be able to find this on Amazon Prime or other streaming services.