The Exorcist Documentary Heads To Shudder

Shudder has dropped a trailer for another upcoming exclusive documentary for Leap Of Faith: William Friedkin On The Exorcist.

This latest doc delves into The Exorcist, William Friedkin’s iconic 1973 classic about a little girl possessed by a demonic force. There have already been several documentaries devoted to The Exorcist, but Leap Of Faith takes a cue from Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow’s documentary De Palma by sticking with one source: William Friedkin.

The film received 10 Academy Award nominations, winning two (for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Sound Mixing). The Exorcist was the first horror film to receive a Best Picture nomination.

Here’s the trailer –

Leap Of Faith is described as a –

“A lyrical and spiritual cinematic essay on The Exorcist that explores the uncharted depths of William Friedkin’s mind’s eye, the nuances of his filmmaking process, and the mysteries of faith and fate that have shaped his life and filmography.”

Friedkin had a reputation for using harsh techniques to pull strong performances from his actors. He is said to have slapped William O’Malley (Father Joseph) before the last rites scene in order to get the air of solemnity that he wanted and he told Jason Miller (Father Damien) that the pea soup in the infamous vomiting scene would hit him in the chest. In fact, it was hurled directly into his face so the look of disgust on Miller’s face was genuine.

Leap Of Faith was an official selection of 2020 Sundance Festival and will stream as part of the Nightstream Film Festival. It will receive its Shudder premiere on November 19th.