The team behind Killing Eve are resurrecting a well-regarded horror franchise for the TV. Sid Gentle Films and Copperheart Entertainment are rebooting Canadian horror trilogy Ginger Snaps and making it into a series.

Anna Ssemuyaba (Guerilla) will write the show. It is expected that the series will follow the same basic story. Two sisters, Ginger and Brigette, are social outcasts who don’t quite fit in. They are very close and share a fascination with all things dark. They hate their town and make a suicide pact if they cannot escape their humdrum existence.

As Ginger begins her journey into womanhood with her first period, she is bitten by a werewolf. This causes great side effects with her journey through puberty as she becomes violent, sexually active and out of control. Brigette fears for her sister as she becomes an entirely different person and, even more worryingly, she is suffering horrific cravings that leave a trail of death in her wake.

Creator and director of the original movie, John Fawcett (Orphan Black) will Executive Produce.

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