Greeting Popsicles!!!

Hairy Hear!!!!

After a long exile I have finally returned to DON’TITSUCK to gice you the low down (Hush Hush on the QT – GIGGLE) on all the goings in Hollyweird. Isn’t that BUG NUTS?!?!?!

My self-imposed exile due to false allegaytions of sexual harrasment were completely unfounded and I was cleared of any wrongdoing by my pal Jim Comey who used his connections at the FBI to help a broththa out. This reminds me of the time President James K. Polk exonerated my ancestor for being a spy for the British in the War of 1812.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was emptied my colostomy bag. The second thing I did was watched Repo Man featuring one of my favorite characters Auto. I wish Michgael Bay would have used him in his Transformer movies. It would have ruled!!!! YOU HERE ME BAY?!?!?! RULED!!!!!!

Anyhoo, I watched the movie Bombshell on HD-DVD after lunch with my Dad, my wife (the Dargonlady) and Comic Book Steve: Hobo Extraordinaire. Dragonlady wasn’t interested in watching the movie so she gave Comic Book Steve a tour of our bedroom for the whole runtime. I have a lot of cool movie props in there so I’m sure she showed them off cuz she’s real proud of ’em. My favorite is one that Lee Majors gived me when he bought the rights to my stuntman Uncle “Big Boy” Frisch’s life for The Fall Guy – a genuine Swiss Army Knife!!

So let’s talk about Bombshell!!! The acting is damn near perfect. Margot Robbie (the hottest piece of Fuckmeat in LaLa Land – according to Marty) plays some dumbass Chritian Bimbo that gets job at FUCKS NEWS and gets sexually harassed by Roger Ales. I totally believe the allegaytions against him are true becuz he’s a Goose Stepping Nazi Fuck unlike my pal Harvey Weinstein whose just a cool dude (and totally innocent!!!).

Robbie teams up with Nicole Kidman and Charleze Theron to take down Ales and this make FUCKS NEWS look terrible!!! It was great!!!

When the movie ended Comic Book Steve came out grinn’ from ear to ear. I haven’t seen a guy that happt since Drew O’scarMeyer’s Argentinan ex-wife gave Richard Dreyfuss a handjob during a screening of Mr. Opus – that movie sucked because Bill the Cat wasn’t even in it. Drew was mad as heck when this happened. Almost as mad as me when my mom hired The Gooch to shoot me in the ass with a BB Gun for not taking out the trash. Long-time readers will know that this was the same day that Squint asked Dreyfuss if he’d ever seen Jaws (the best question ever).

We got alot of good content comin’ your way including a peace by Precious Goy about Smokey and the Bandit 3 so come back soon!!!!