The big news of last week was the next phase of the plan for DC movies getting some clarity, with both Henry Cavill announcing he was returning as Superman, and filmmaker James Gunn teaming with producer Peter Safran to become the co-chairmen and co-CEO of DC Studios. The DCEU is now the DCU, and they have a plan that would appear to continue with Zack Snyder’s world.


This means that Geoff Johns, Walter Hamada and JJ Abrams, with all his crackpot schemes, are kicked to the curb and the Snyder-verse that Warner Bros. actively tried to kill has risen, phoenix like, from the ashes. Man, this must really hurt.

Gunn has worked for both superhero juggernauts. Starting with Guardians Of The Galaxy and Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2, he then moved across to DC to make The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker before being re-hired by Marvel to finish the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy with them, and the Guardians Holiday Special.

He is still with Marvel, ahead of taking up this new position, finishing up Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and then he will be out on the road promoting it for next year at the same time as working up DC’s slate and helping figure out their moves.

So inevitably, the rivalry between the two movie universes, and the companies behind them, has been talked up with Gunn at the centre of it. This weekend Gunn was on social media and he quickly closed down all this talk via Twitter:

“Not only do I love Kevin [Feige], he was the first person I told after I did the deal with DC (John Cena was the second). Contrary to popular belief, a dollar less for Marvel is not a dollar more for DC. DC and Marvel have the common goal of keeping the theatre-going experience vibrant and alive!”

Gunn’s role at DC officially starts tomorrow, and he will be spinning plates with The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special out on November 25th via Disney+, then Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 out on May 5th 2023.

He will also oversee The Flash, Aquaman 2 and Shazam!: Fury Of The Gods being released while mobilising around this new Superman adventure starring Cavill. The Batman 2 is in development for a 2024 or 2025 release, so no word yet on where that leaves Batfleck and his place in the DCU after his appearance in The Flash. Joker 2 is also locked in. So a pretty busy time ahead.

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