James Gunn has revealed the five main comics he and his DCU team are using for inspiration for the launch of the new DCU. Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, he makes it clear that it’s just for the look and feel and they won’t be adapting said comics.

All Star Superman

First up on Gunn’s list is All Star Superman. I’ve recently reread this comic and it’s a great Superman story by Grant Morrison and beautifully illustrated by Frank Quitely. 

Superman rescues Dr. Leo Quintum and his P.R.O.J.E.C.T. team from an exploration mission to the Sun that was remotely sabotaged by Lex Luthor. Luthor orchestrated this event to overwhelm Superman‘s cells with massive amounts of solar radiation that not only gives him a whole new level of power but is also killing him, and he has one year left to live. 

He sets out to achieve many heroic feats (The Twelve Labors of Superman) before his death and leave the world a better place as well as reveal his identity to Lois Lane.

It features a plethora of Superman‘s supporting cast, including Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Bizarro, Perry White, Parasite, Supermen from the future, Solaris, and many more.

It’s a far cry from Snyder’s Superman and shows us a Superman that is a compassionate and all-powerful God that many have been crying out for. We also get to see Clark Kent as a loveable but clumsy oaf, deliberately stumbling his way through life as the perfect cover for who he truly is.

What I particularly loved about this comic is we get to see Superman solving problems using his intelligence rather than just punching his way through problems. It’s a great story that really does bring back the Golden Age Superman.


Batman By Grant Morrison

I haven’t read this so I don’t know much about it but I’ll sure be checking it out over the next couple of weeks. 

The synopsis reads – This new Omnibus collection kicks off with the introduction of Damian Wayne! Then, Batman and a group of global heroes face a killer on a mysterious island, and Batman relives an adventure in the life of young Bruce Wayne: the hunt for his parents’ killer. 

And when Bruce Wayne disappears, the Club of Villains begins a crime spree through the streets of Gotham City, while Batman’s allies attempt to keep order.


The Authority Omnibus

The Authority are heroes in only the strictest sense of the word. Ruthless and unforgiving, this group of insanely powerful super-humans face down countless menaces to Earth, protecting mankind with their cold version of justice. 

An invasion from an alternate Earth, an international terrorist who is laying waste to major cities, and a hostile alien intelligence who calls himself God all fall under their rule. This is The Authority. Pay allegiance. Or get your head kicked in. 

This Omnibus chronicles the life of Jenny Sparks before the creation of The Authority, including her relationships with Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler and her introduction to The Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, and The Doctor. 

I knew absolutely nothing about The Authority but they sound awesome!


Absolute Swamp Thing

Before the groundbreaking graphic novel Watchmen, Alan Moore made his debut in the U.S. comic book market with the relaunch of the horror comic book Swamp Thing.

In 1983, a revolutionary English writer joined a trio of trailblazing American artists to revitalize a longstanding comic book icon. By the time they’d finished their work four years later, Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Stephen R, Bissette, John Totleben, and Rick Veitch was universally recognized as one of the handful of titles that defined a new era of complexity and depth in modern graphic storytelling, and their run on the series remains one of the medium’s most enduring masterpieces.

Gunn Swamp_Thing

Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow

Kara Zor-El has seen some epic adventures over the years, but she now finds her life without meaning or purpose. Here she is, a young woman who saw her planet destroyed and was sent to Earth to protect a baby cousin who ended up not needing her. What was it all for? Wherever she goes, people only see her through the lens of Superman’s fame.

Just when Supergirl thinks she’s had enough, everything changes. An alien girl seeks her out for a vicious mission. Her world has been destroyed, and the bad guys responsible are still out there. She wants revenge, and if Supergirl doesn’t help her, she’ll do it herself, whatever the cost. Now a Kryptonian, a dog, and an angry, heartbroken child head out into space on a journey that will shake them to their very core. 

Gunn Supergirl

And there you have it. James Gunn is making all the right noises and he certainly seems to know his onions and me being a DC fan, I sure hope he delivers. Only time will tell.

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