44 years ago tomorrow, you believed a man could fly. 13th December 1978 is the day that Richard Donner’s Superman was released in the USA. Still widely regarded as arguably the greatest superhero movie ever made, it is a special movie.


To honor this special anniversary, new co-chair and co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn did what he does a lot. He engaged with fans about the movie on social media. Inevitable the questions turned to where Superman will go in this new iteration of whatever the DCU becomes on Gunn and Safran’s watch. When asked if Superman was a priority he responded:

“Yes of course. Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.”

One commentator flat out asked Gunn to comment on a rumor that he simply doers not like Henry Cavill, to which he responded:

“Sure: false.”

That tweeter did not leave it there. He said he had heard this rumor from multiple people and Gunn shot back:

“So weird. You seemed so plugged in! Anyway, I just had forty people reach out to me to say you just got kicked out of your Mom’s basement. So sorry, man.”

Other nuggets that came out of the conversation included confirmation that the rumors that Ryan Reynolds was intending to reprise the Green Lantern role for the Snyder Cut were completely false.

In other DC news, Todd Phillips has just released the first image from Joker: Folie a Deux, which started filming last week. Joaquin Phoenix is back as Arthur Fleck and the movie is said to take place almost exclusively within the walls of Arkham Asylum.


The movie will feature musical numbers and be told primarily from the point of view of psychiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel who works on Fleck in the asylum.

Zazie Beetz, Catherine Keener, Brendan Gleeson, and Jacob Lofland also co-star in the film which has an October 4th 2024 release locked. As to when a new version of Superman hits our screens? The big meeting with Zaslav is this week.

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