In today’s society, that title could mean a lot of things! According to Variety though, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies is going to be a new TV series for Paramount Plus.

Taking place 4 years before the whole Sandy & Danny incident, before Rock ‘n’ Roll ruled, before the T-Birds were cool. There were four fed-up outcast girls that dared to have fun on their own terms and sparks a moral panic that would change Rydell High forever.

It will be a 10 episode musical series and is being written by Annabel Oakes, best known for Atypical and Transparent. Executive producers, Marty Brown and Erik Feig are also working on a Grease prequel movie, called Summer Lovin, for Paramount Pictures.

HBO Max had the ‘original idea’ about Rydell High, which was going to be a High School Musical type show. Paramount Plus bought it and is now set to produce.

The early years of Rizzo, Jan, Marty and Frenchy, will have all new songs, but there’s a good chance audiences will be treated to some of the original songs as well. HBO Max are still holding the rights to some of the songs, but Paramount are hoping they can work out a deal.

There is no news about casting, but if the original Grease is anything to go by, it will all be people in their 40s playing the teenagers.

There are no production dates at the moment.

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