One show that is bubbling away beneath the surface (excuse the pun), but that we are really looking forward to, is Nautilus. The series will play out in the period before the events covered in Verne’s classic tale. It will tell the story of a version of the character closer to the book, from the point of view of Indian prince Captain Nemo.


Star Trek: Discovery and Spooks (MI:5) star Shazad Latif will play Nemo, and he is now joined by fully thespian Richard E. Grant. The show is currently in production for the Disney+ service.

The Hudson Hawk and Withnail and I legend is clearly on a list at Disney. After a great, underappreciated turn as the villain in the 20th Century Fox / Marvel movie Logan, he has appeared in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and was a comedic highlight in Loki.

He will apparently play the leader of Karajaan, a port town Nemo and his crew visit as part of their adventures. This may be an adaption of Kerajaan – a phrase that appears in Malay and Indonesian, and other places across that region, meaning “government” and “sovereign” or “king”.

Nemo Nautilus
Captain Nemo in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The cast is filling out. Luke Arnold (Black Sails) has joined, as have Muki Zubis, Benedict Hardie, and Jacob Collins Levy.

Nautilus is currently shooting at Village Roadshow Studios in Queensland, Australia. This is right on the Gold Coast, giving access to beautiful waters and beaches. It is also a short flight from Cairns and the access points to the Great Barrier Reef.


The studio itself is home to the largest movie-making water tanks in Australia.

No release date is currently set.

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