If you had to say something good about Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker you could say this.

The story was weak, the pacing off, the script felt rushed, it had too much heavy lifting to do after The Last Jedi, it served most of it’s characters badly in an attempt to bring about a conclusion, some of the performances were all over the place, the whole thing felt crafted without any real love, the fact everyone on the cast and crew just wanted it over was practically oozing from the screen, and despite really low expectations it was still a crushing disappointment.

However at least it looked good. You can argue that, on the surface at least, it looked beautiful. The FX, the shot selections, the locations and their use.

So it will be interesting to see some talent graduating from Star Wars and going onwards. Like second unit director Victoria Mahoney. She has been hired to helm the Sterling K. Brown and Kerry Washington-led actioner Shadow Force at Lionsgate.

Leon Chills and Joe Carnahan have written the script which is about an estranged husband and wife with a bounty on their heads. They must go on the run together with their son, being hunted by their former employers, a shadowy black ops unit that does a lot of dirty work.

Stephen Dr. Love, Washington, Brown and Pilar Savone are producers. Mahoney’s resume includes Yelling at the Sky and episodes of Power and American Crime.