There’s been speculation for a while now about Mechagodzilla being in the new monster movie Godzilla VS. Kong and it’s now been confirmed with this final trailer.

The promotions for Godzilla VS. Kong have so far only shown the two huge behemoths and the fighting that will for sure rock the world. However, the final trailer for the movie has been released on China’s social media site, Weibo. We now see the real enemy of the two is the robotic kaiju, Mechagodzilla.

The new trailer is mostly Godzilla and Kong knocking each other around, but at the very end, we get the slightest of sneak peeks at Mechagodzilla. He’s seen coming out of some enclosed containment area. We see the metal scales on his back and a close up of a glowing red eye. So no complete look at him or his size, but it can be assumed he’s the same size as Godzilla.

On top of the final trailer showing us a bit of Mechagodzilla, it seems that there are other creatures that’ll be making their way into the movie. It seems that Xiliens will also be featured in Godzilla VS. Kong too. Xiliens, in previous Godzilla movies, are aliens that used giant monsters to level Earth to eventually take it over.

Kong is seen at the start of the trailer interacting with floating rocks on what seems to be an alien planet. Later there are some UFOs accompanying him and then shows him beating up some giant flying monsters. It’s possible these UFOs are aiding Kong and will do so against Godzilla, before using him for other nefarious means.

During a recent interview, producer Alex Garcia has stated that neither Godzilla nor Kong are the villains. They’re just two giant animals living out their natural instinct.

“It depends on how you’re looking at [Kong and Godzilla]. I think they’re both characters who are fighting for something, which is distinct to them. And those things happen to sometimes be what’s good for us, but they don’t always align. Neither of them is inherently evil, but they’re also not inherently good, right? And I think that’s where the complexity of us, of mankind, and our relation to them really come into play.”

So one could assume from that, and the introduction of Mechagodzilla, the two will at some point stop fighting each other and focus on the robo-kaiju.

Will they team up against Mechagodzilla or will it be a three-way fight to the end? (RELATED: Legendary Wants A LOT From Warner Bros. For Godzilla Vs. Kong)

Godzilla VS. Kong releases in theaters and on HBO Max on March 31.

You can watch the final trailer here.

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