The bar is set so low in Hollywood that you’d have to be Peter Dinklage to be able to get underneath it. So it’ll be of very little (pun intended) surprise to anyone that they are making Godzilla vs. Kong 2. The sequel actually starts filming later this year.

When I say filming, I mean a bunch of nerds will be sitting at home watching cutscenes from their favorite PS5 games for inspiration. Then they’ll put themselves in front of their PC to generate a series of random scenes of a giant lizard fighting a giant ape fighting a robot lizard and using all the latest one-click filters that the software has to offer.

Once they’ve completed their tasks, they will send their files to an overpaid, talentless Director who will then mash them all together with his shots of various actors with no self-respect, filming random crap in front of a green screen. Voila, Hollywood’s latest CGI piece of shit to watch.

Utter shite.

The Monsterverse

The fourth installment in the Monsterverse (yep, that’s what they’re calling it) will start filming in Queensland, Australia. Surely a film of this level can be filmed in someone’s garage using an iPhone and green curtains?

Why does an entire production crew need to go to Australia to film it, I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the $60 million dollars that will be pumped into Queensland’s politician’s pockets economy?

Now just to show I’m not some sort of wannabe high-brow movie watcher, I actually liked Gareth Edward’s Godzilla (2014) and I also enjoyed Kong: Skull Island (2017). I found them both good, old fashioned, popcorn movies that I enjoyed watching with the family.

The sequel, Godzilla: King of the Monsters was bridge of the nose-pinching crap, but compared to Godzilla vs. Kong, it was Citizen Kane.

Let’s be honest, it was a movie about a giant lizard who had beef with a giant ape with a magic axe. Then they put aside their differences to fight a giant man-mad robot lizard who had become sentient or some nonsense.

Details of the plot have not been released but I have an exclusive image of the script being worked on below.

Little Joe’s scripts have been in high demand of late.

Part Of The Problem

Apparently, Godzilla vs. Kong made $469 million at the box office and in my opinion, if you paid to see this film then you are part of the problem. All the while people pay to see these turds, we genuine movie lovers suffer because Hollywood thinks making big money means the films are a success. No! 

It just means their marketing departments have done the job and made a terrible movie look appealing to people with so little brain capacity that they probably need to be reminded to blink.

My advice is to go and read Bourgeoisie Scum’s excellent The 25 Greatest Movies Of The 1990s to refresh your memory of how great Hollywood used to be and how it’s sadly nothing more than sequels, remakes, reboots, and heartless CGI.

T2, back in the day when CGI was awe inspiring and strangely not on Bourgeoisie Scum’s list!

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