But she’s dead, Jim! Not that this has ever stopped anyone from coming back in the Fast And Furious franchise. Not even Paul Walker.

Michelle Rodriguez’s character was killed off and returned. Han is returning in F9. So who knows? It seems death is as permanent in the Fast and Furious universe as it is in comic books. So this news that Gal Gadot could return to the role of Israeli agent Gisele Yashar in an upcoming movie doesn’t completely surprise, despite this happening in Fast And Furious 6 back in 2013:

Dwayne Johnson has been lobbying to get her into spin-off sequel Hobbs & Shaw 2 after working with her on Red Notice. Other rumors say she will return in a main franchise instalment.

With Han returning from the dead then it’s quite clear the return of Gisele could be related, even if falling from a car being towed behind a climbing plane would normally be fairly permanent. The laws of mortality are as flexible as the laws of physics in Fast and Furious.

Something, something fambly.