Fresh from scoring The Batman for Warner Bros., Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino is to make the switch to the director’s chair. Giacchino makes his feature directorial debut on Marvel Studios’ Halloween special for Disney+. This is the werewolf focussed show presumed to be based on the Werewolf By Night comic strips.


Gael García Bernal leads the cast of the show which, with Blade, Moon Knight, and Vampire By Night all in the works, will clearly help form the supernatural wing of the MCU.

Given Bernal’s heritage, it may well be that Marvel is pursuing the second iteration of the character, Jake Gomez. He was a boy of Hopi descent who underwent his first werewolf transformation at the age of 13 due to a curse in his family. He was able to get control over his werewolf form with the help of his grandmother Rora and his sister Molly, by using music to help with controlling his emotions.


Production on the Halloween special is set to begin later this month, so it will be all systems go. Giacchino has some form. He previously directed an animated Star Trek: Short Treks entry for Paramount+.

His scores are pretty legendary. Everyone raves about his score for The Batman. His resume is packed. Star Trek, Jurassic World, Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, The Incredibles, Rogue One, Doctor Strange, Speedracer, Coco, Cloverfield, and many more.

If it had a decent score in the last couple of decades, he could well have been behind it.

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