It’s that winter time period when all of next summers movies are dropping their trailers and we love it!  Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s Wonder Woman 1984 trailer comes Ghostbusters Afterlife.

The Guardian newspaper tried to say that Ghostbusters 2016 was a sizeable hit, rather than the reality which is that it was a massive flop and continued to the coming demise of Sony Pictures.  Their online edition stated today in an article about this trailer:

“The 2016 reboot, featuring an all-female main cast, was a sizeable hit, taking over $220m worldwide, but was notable for the racist and misogynist attacks on one of its stars, Leslie Jones.”

Can a dose of the surviving Ghostbusters directed by the son of the original director give you enough nostalgia feels to wash the taste of Ghostbusters 2016 away?

We hope so.  Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters?

Here is the International trailer too.

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