Send the kids to bed. Crack open a beer. Tell your wife to not bury her head in her phone if she’s going to pop up very ten minutes and ask you “Who is that?”, “Why are they going in there?” and “What did I miss, what’s happening!?”

There is a new Gerard Butler movie coming!

Everyone’s favourite growly Scot with an American accent as flexible as Jason Statham’s is back! Moderately budgeted man-movies featuring people with guns and stuff being blown up real good. Just what we need in this time of endless capes and tights movies, or while we are still trying to come to terms with the death of Star Wars.

Butler is locked to star in Kandahar. This is a new production from Thunder Road and Capstone Group. This will also be his third movie with director Ric Roman Waugh following Angel Has Fallen and the upcoming Greenland.

Butler will play Tom Harris, an undercover CIA operative working in Afghanistan. A high level intelligence failure leads to a leak that exposes his classified mission and reveals his covert identity. Stranded in hostile territory, Harris and his translator must fight their way out of the desert to an extraction point in Kandahar. All the while they are hunted by an elite special forces team with a mission to clean up the mess and eliminate any loose ends.


Waugh will direct. He also wrote the screenplay in partnership with former military intelligence officer Mitchell LaFortune.

Butler himself, Alan Siegel, Christian Mercuri, Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee will produce.