Last year, Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin were a husband and estranged wife trying to survive a cataclysmic event of a passing comet. You may have missed Greenland, but that’s OK since there is a sequel on the way.

The original production team is returning for the Greenland sequel, the director Ric Roman Waugh and the screenwriter Chris Sparling. Both Butler and Baccarin will be reprising their roles, but that is all the cast confirmed at the moment.

It was originally cast in May 2018 with Chris Evans starring and with Neill Blomkamp directing. Butler and Roman Waugh came onboard when those two dropped out of the movie.

The first movie defied global box office expectations, apparently. It turned over just over $50 mill despite the pandemic which had limited theatre capacity. When the movie hit streaming, it topped the VOD lists on both Apple and Google Play at a premium rental price. The director Waugh said:

“Greenland spoke to our humanity in the middle of a global catastrophic event, highlighting what people are capable of doing to one another, both good and bad, when it’s life or death.”

Spoilers Ahead For Greenland

If you haven’t seen the original, stop reading now. The Greenland sequel, entitled Greenland: Migration, will follow Butler and family as they emerge from the bunker in Greenland and embark on a perilous journey across the decimated frozen wasteland of Europe to find a new home.

Greenland: Migration has no release date as yet.

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