Who Shot First? Han… Greedo? MACLUNKEY!

Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, launched yesterday, and so far the rollout has experienced some ups and downs.

The ups – we have the first episode of The Mandalorian, and it was pretty good, and the downs – you may not actually be able to watch The Mandalorian, Disney+ experienced some outages across the States –

I’m sure it’s just teething problems and folks will be able to access the service soon.

Along with The Mandalorian, the launch of Disney+ has all the Star Wars movies, including another completely new, tweaked version of 1977’s original Star Wars movie. In this new version, Han and Greedo still exchange their banter, but then Greedo has an extra line of dialog before shooting first. He shouts –


This time though, it’s not Disney’s fault. Apparently this edit came from George Lucas himself, with the new clip purportedly being inserted years ago during a 4K restoration that didn’t see the light of day until now.

Have any of you guys seen this new cut? Could you even get signed into Disney+?

Also, what is a MacLunkey?

Let the meme wars begin!

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