George Segal has sadly died from complications during heart surgery at 87.

Segal was most known for his work on Just Shoot Me, a mainstay 90s series. But he was so much more than that. From Deadline:

Segal was also an Oscar nominee for Mike Nichols’ 1966 Edward Albee adaptation Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? — co-starring with A-listers Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton — and a leading man in movies. He starred in films by such legends as Stanley Kramer (Ships of Fools, 1965), Roger Corman (The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, 1967), Sidney Lumet (Bye Bye Braverman, 1968), Carl Reiner (Where’s Poppa?, 1970), Herbert Ross (The Owl and the Pussycat, 1970), Paul Mazursky (Blume in Love, 1973) and Robert Altman (California Split, 1974).

He was Bruce Willis’s bio dad in Look Who’s Talking, a headliner on the late-80s show Murphy’s Law and was still working up to his death on The Goldbergs before passing away due to complications during bypass surgery.

I liked Segal, he could play decent, smarmy, evil, and brave and effortlessly switch between them. He had great comedic timing but also was a great dramatic actor as shown by his turn in Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

Sigh, the last few years have really been taking the great ones. What’s worse is there aren’t many coming up behind that can really take their place.

George Segal

Another great gone and I highly suggest you take a look at his body of work. He has some great gems in there and he was always able to take on work that was a little outside the mainstream.

Me? I’m going to finally put Fun With Dick And Jane on my queue. I have too many older movies that I just put off watching, a pretty shameful state of affairs, especially since the pandemic. As these great ones leave, they won’t be making anymore so there’s really no excuse to not look it up.