Sometimes it is hard to sort truth from wild speculation out there on the internet. This is just as true for the crazy world of online movie news and rumors. Stories come and go. Some turn out to be true. Some seem to have a small kernel of truth in them, then grow layers around them as speculation runs riot. Others are seemingly made up simply for clicks. This rumor is currently starting to circulate out there, in the wild. We have no idea how true it is so we share it with all appropriate health warnings. George Lucas is to return to Star Wars.

George Lucas, Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau

Star Wars came to define George Lucas in a way no other movie has really defined any other filmmaker. One of the most beloved and profitable brands out there seemed to have found its natural forever home with the mighty Disney after Lucas decided to sell up and retire.

However, it is no secret Star Wars has fallen on hard times creatively. Then there was the terrible spectacle of staff members attacking fans – their customers – online.

The ray of hope came in the form of The Mandalorian which looked and felt like Star Wars and then gave fans exactly what they wanted in a Season 2 finale that won praise across the board. One of the producers of that show, Dave Filoni, was recently promoted within Lucasfilm. It is known Filoni was a George Lucas personal pick before he sold Lucasfilm.

Welcome to Lucasfilm, a gender diverse workplace

Lucas was also seen frequently on the set of The Mandalorian working closely with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni and sharing ideas, his feeling for the characters, and the Star Wars worlds he created.

The rumor is that not only does he want back in, but that he is proposing to buy back in as well, by placing a financial stake into Lucasfilm. Essentially buying back some of the very company that he sold. The rumors are that meetings have already been held with new Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

This could just be wishful thinking by the legions of Star Wars fans out there. A story started by the usual YouTubers with an axe to grind and Lucasfilm which fandom has then started to run with. We may well be pouring fuel on that particular fire ourselves simply by repeating it. However, we thought it interesting enough to share with you, our Outposters.

What do you think?

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