According to the rumors, Plastic Man is to become Plastic Woman. Hot on the heels, or should that be hot on the flat, sensible shoes, of the news that Detective Comics is taking a turn, and that re-pivoting comics towards a certain demographic may not be wholly successful, comes this news.

Cat Vasko (Fierce Kingdom, Queen of the Air, Lumberjanes) has apparently been hired to recreate the 1940’s created DC Comics line Plastic Man. However gender-swap it to become female-led.

Amanda Idoko started work on something similar two years ago but that stalled. This is said to be a new take, starting from scratch. It is in very early development.

The character spawned their own cartoon TV series and range of toys. In the comics Patrick ‘Eel’ O’Brian is a criminal who gets covered in a strange chemical that gives him the power to stretch and shape his body. Whether this will cause the comics line to change titles remains to be seen.