I’m going to say it… Gattaca is a decent sci-fi movie. It came out in 1997 and focused on the story of Vincent. He is a man destined to become an astronaut but is genetically inferior. He assumes the identity of another man, including his genetic code, to fulfill his dreams.

I have seen Gattaca more than once and it’s a very clever story, and very well-made. Obviously, the suits in Hollywood have just found the DVD of it, like some new discovery, and are making it into a TV series for Showtime.

The Gattaca TV series is in development by Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon, best known for making Homeland. Gansa will be the showrunner and executively produce alongside Gordon and Craig Borton.

The original movie was written and directed by Andrew Nichol. It starred Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, Jude Law, Gore Vidal, and Xander Berkley. It is one of those movies that may have slipped under your radar, but it is an interesting premise.


Gattaca deals with genetically modifying children to get the best traits from the father and the mother. Most children are “created” with the best genes and genetics. Vincent, played by Hawke, was made the old fashion way. You know, when a man and a lady love each other very much, they have special naked cuddles and a baby is made. So I am told.

Since Vincent wasn’t “enhanced” in a test tube, he has genetic issues. This means he would never be selected for the space program. He ends up using the DNA of another man, one who is genetically modified, so he can go to space.

I’m going to sit down and watch this again now. It has been a while. Anyway, there is no news yet on when this new Gattaca series will be out, but we’ll let you know.

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