Gary Busey, perhaps best known for his role of Mr Joshua in Lethal Weapon, has been charged with sexual misconduct and harassment following allegations stemming from a fan at Monster-Mania convention earlier this month.

The charges are for fourth degree criminal sexual assault, one count of attempted criminal sexual contact and one count of harassment. Fourth degree sexual assault carries a sentence of up to 18 months, should the defendant be found guilty.

Gary had been a featured guest at the event which is centred on horror films and merchandise. Something I’m sure the organisers are now regretting. 

Too Old For This Shit

The day after the charges, Gary was photographed sitting on a park bench in Point Dume Park in Malibu, with his trousers down and what suspiciously looks like he’s having a wank (that’s jerking off to my American chums). In a further act of not giving a shit, he pulls up his pants and proceeds to smoke a cigar as a reward, all the while wearing a Point Break T-Shirt. Savage. 

Gary Busey 1
Step 1: Visit Porn Hub and select the right video.
Gary Busey 2
Step 2: Remove any restricting clothing.
Gary Busey 3
Step 3: Carry out the dirty deed like a man possessed.
Gary Busey 4
Step 4: Light a cigar and feel a sense of shame that you actually just spanked off to deep fakes of Mel Gibson.


In 1988, Busey suffered brain damage following a motorcycle accident while not wearing a helmet. He told USA Today in 2001:

“I want people to understand that life is very important. And that if you’re riding a motorcycle, skateboard, or bicycle without a helmet, you’re challenging the face of death.” 

At hospital, he fell into a coma for four weeks while recovering, during which he claims to have had a spiritual experience that led him to Christianity. I’m sure Jesus is looking down on you today Gary, full of pride.

Gary Busey Jesus

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