Director of The Raid, Gareth Evans, knows a thing or two about action.  Now he is bringing this to TV.  UK satellite TV uberlords Sky have unveiled the first trailer for his new show Gangs of London.

A world away from the cheeky cockney, happy-go-lucky world of Guy Ritchie gangster movies, this one is more hardcore.
An old school crime family that rules over a finely balanced web of gangs in London is sent into war when the head of the family gets assassinated and the son makes a vow, on taking on the family patriarch role, to find out who killed his dad and have violent, bloody revenge.

Joe Cole, Michelle Fairley, Colm Meaney, Sope Dirisu and Lucian Msamati all star in the series. Evans co-created with Matt Flannery and he will direct five out of ten episodes.  Corin Hardy and Xavier Gens will take the rest.

The series will premiere on Sky in the UK at the end of the summer.  Following that it will be shown on Cinemax in the US.  The last time those two networks teamed up it was for the completely ridiculous but stupidly entertaining Strike Back.