Alan Taylor, Director of Thor: The Dark World and many of the good Game of Thrones episodes is signing on to adapt a well loved sci-fi novel.  Ringworld by Larry Niven.

This has been set-up at MGM in a joint venture with Amazon so it’s likely to be a streaming play, possibly a series.

Originally published in 1970, the story focuses on Louis Gridley Wu. He lives on a technologically advanced planet Earth in our distant future. He is just about to celebrate his 200th birthday.

With all that lived experience and length of life he finds himself bored with the mundane existence. Craving adventure, like some kind of space Bilbo Baggins, he decides to join a woman and two aliens on a journey to explore Ringworld.

Ringworld is an artificial world created in the cosmos beyond all of known space.

So far, so good.  But wait! What is this? Akiva Goldsman is writing the pilot script and is working with MGM and Amazon executives to finesse it. Damn it!

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