X-Men has been being mined for years by Hollywood, ever since Bryan Singer’s first movie nearly a quarter of a century ago. Through main movies, spin-offs and Wolverine movies, one character has seemingly always been on the verge of a solo-outing – Gambit.

Fox was working with Channing Tatum for years on a solo film adaptation. He was first cast in the role for X-Men: The Last Stand, then the character was dropped in a re-write. Then he was to appear in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He was stuck on G.I. Joe so Taylor Kitsch got the part.


Then in 2014 things clicked into high gear. New Orleans was chosen as the location, Josh Zetumer was writing the script based on a story by Chris Claremont, the character’s creator. Omens were good. Tatum was back in the role, Lea Seydoux was cast as female lead, and Rupert Wyatt was looking like directing. Then Doug Liman. Then Gore Verbinski. Then the whole thing fell apart.


Studio interference saw a series of rewrites ordered until Disney acquired Fox and all      Marvel projects were immediately halted if not shooting.

Antony Winn works on a number of Marvel studios projects and, recently, storyboards appeared on his ArtStation page showing a scene from the proposed movie.


X-Men standalone movies appear to be off the table as Marvel Studios figure out how to integrate the characters with their existing MCU.

Meanwhile the rest of us are left wondering if there was ever a property so completely wasted as X-Men when it was over at Fox, with three good movies out of eleven and a few truly awful ones in there.

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