The full trailer for Super Mario Bros. is here and it looks amazing! Packed with bright colours, cute characters, loads of easter eggs, and plenty of laughs. This is sure to hit all the right notes with fans and families.

We’ve got Mario, we have Luigi, we have Princess Peach, Bowser, Toad, Donkey Kong… * takes a breath… we’ve got Koopas, Goombas, Hammer Bros, Shy Guy, Bob-Ombs, Piranha Plants… we’ve even got the Mario Kart and the freakin infamous Rainbow Road – Wahoo!

Arrrghhh, that was exhausting!

Mario 1

The Cast

There’s an impressive cast attached to Super Mario Bros. We’ve got Chris Pratt, we have Charlie Day, we have Anya Taylor-Joy – look, I’m not doing all that malarky again. You know who’s in it, I know who’s in it.

I’ll tell you who’s not in it though, John Leguizamo. He played Luigi in the dire 1993 version alongside British legend, Bob Hoskins as well as Dennis Hopper.

True to form, Leguizamo is whining like a little bitch because a white person (Chris Pratt) is voicing Mario. Apparently, he’s not happy (when is he?) that there is a lack of “Latinx in the leads”. My goodness, these people are so fragile.

Mario Posters

What You’ve Come Here For

OK, enough about soy boy John, I’ll stop wasting time and let you go and get this trailer and all its adorable awesomeness into your eyeballs! Super Mario Bros. opens 7th April 2023.

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