Honest KK confession: I eat a lot of cereal. I eat a lot of dry sugar cereal out of the box while watching television. I’m eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Churros right this minute.

Because of this, I pay attention to American sugary cereals and their packaging. I was the kid that had to mix healthy cereals with moderately sugary cereals because my parents were the healthy family on the block (my dad was at least.). So imagine my surprise when I saw Kellogg’s Froot Loops changed their iconic mascot, Toucan Sam.

A fairly recent picture of the guy.
Dignified and dapper, I’d say!
Doesn’t he look like the bird to help you enjoy your well-balanced breakfast?

Look at that cute little traditionally drawn character! His follow your nose tag line.

Well, on May 2nd, 2020 Kellogg’s teased on Froot Loop’s Instagram account a new Toucan Sam was coming!


Oh, he’s coming! And for the next couple of days, they alluded to this new world and adventure for Sam!

On May 8th, the cereal brand showed off the new mascot for their iconic brand. May I introduce to you the new Toucan Sam!

What in the ever-loving Sam hell weird tie-dyed anime hell is this?

This thing looks like he will give me nightmares if I eat this. Like I will be on an acid trip that will land me in a sketchy Motel 6 bathroom, laying in a tub full of ice missing a kidney, part of my liver, and all of my dignity. This Toucan Sam looks like if I eat his Froot Loops, I will need to submit to a drug test at work (yup did that sentence structure intentionally).

This looks like the same animation style that the She-Ra: Princesses of Power has that gives me a headache.

One might say:

“KK this is just a cereal box. Cartoons for kids to look at while eating their cereal. Marketing. Why does it matter to a grown woman like yourself?”

Because logos like this bring nostalgia to people. Sharing our favorite brands with family members; sitting around eating boxes of cereal while chatting with coworkers, and having snacks together builds memories, and I don’t want to be embarrassed by this bad mascot on a cereal I eat with friends.

Also, I make a mean Froot Loops marshmallow bar with dried fruit inside that is really yummy, and I don’t want the attractive cashier at my local supermarket to judge me based on my cereal choices and that stupid ugly Toucan Sam.

Will this change your opinion of the brand? Will you buy it for your family? When our European LMO folk come over to the US will you buy Froot Loops? (I heard they don’t sell them in Europe based on all the chemical dyes? I don’t know if that’s true.). That bird is gonna haunt my nightmares.