If you haven’t seen Mandy with Nic Cage, you should! You are in for a treat of Nic Cage being full-on Nic Cage and the entire movie is a brilliant piece of bat-shit-craziness. Here is the trailer:

If you are bored of Hollywood movies, this is the perfect antidote to that. I need to sit down and watch it again now.

Anyway, getting to the point, the director of Mandy, Panos Cosmatos, has a new movie in production. Titled Nekrokosm, it is already been described as a:

“phantasmagorical fantasy nightmare.”

The story is about two lovers, from a strange galaxy, that are torn apart during a malevolent invasion. If you have seen Mandy, you can already conjure up images in your head of what this might end up looking like.

There has been no news of casting just yet, but we will keep an eye out for details.

It will be written by Maegan Houang, known for the series, Counterpart and Shotgun. I haven’t seen either, but Counterpart sounds interesting:

A hapless UN employee discovers that the agency he works for is hiding a gateway to a parallel dimension that’s in a cold war with our own, and where his other self is a top spy. The war slowly heats up thanks to spies from both sides.

The movie Nekrokosm will be produced by XYZ Films, which is a division of A24, which will be financing and handling the worldwide release. If A24 is involved, I’m already in!

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