After everything changed at Warner Bros. post Discovery merger, the president of DC Films as in a precarious position. Batgirl cancelled out from underneath him, and a CEO openly critical of the DCEU under his stewardship, it was no surprise that Walter Hamada walked.

As this is Hollywood, and everything revolves, he has rocked up again at Paramount. Hamada has signed an exclusive, multi-year production deal with Paramount Pictures.


The contract comes into force on New Year’s Day, and will see Hamada focus on the studio’s mainstream horror films. The brief is apparently to release several low-to mid-budget films per year. This will cover both theatrical releases and streaming. Hamada released a statement:

“I am thrilled to collaborate with Paramount Pictures with the singular goal of creating exceptional movies in the horror genre. Over the course of my career, nothing has been more gratifying than discovering emerging, first-time filmmakers and writers and unleashing their brilliance in a studio setting. Thank you to Brian and the entire team at Paramount Pictures for this tremendous opportunity, I can’t wait to get started.”

Paramount is not Hamada’s first rodeo in this space. Alongside all his DCEU activity with things like Aquaman and Wonder Woman, he was also behind New Line efforts in horror like The Conjuring and IT.

Hamada began his career as an assistant at TriStar and became Vice President of production at Columbia Pictures. In 2007, he joined New Line Cinema under Warner Bros., where he served as a production executive for a decade.

He was appointed to DC in January 2018, after Justice League underperformed critically and commercially. He was named by former DCEU cast member Ray Fisher in his dispute with Warner Bros. and was accused of:

“…undermining an investigation into misconduct that is alleged to have occurred during Joss Whedon’s reshoots of Justice League…”

Warner Bros. and Katherine B. Forrest, the person in charge of the investigation, disputed this. Paramount will have been aware of this, as it was everywhere across town.

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