The last ever, until they all need a bit more money, episode of Friends, has one last trailer online.

Officially there is no plot for this yet, but the trailer makes it look like, well, a reunion hosted by James Corden with some rehearsed moments. However it plays out, it’s certainly going to be a hit, plucking on the nostalgia of the series.

Friends started in Sept 1994 and had 10 seasons. It had hit record viewing figures and is one of the most popular TV series in history, notching up 62 Emmy nominations with each series averaging about 30 million viewers. The cast members were relatively unknown at the start of the series but became international superstars by the end. They each earned $22,500 per episode for season one, which went up to a cool $1 mill per episode each by season ten.

The Last One, the final episode of season ten of Friends, was watched by 52 million people, making it the most-watched entertainment telecast since Seinfeld in 1998. With all that fandom, it was only a question of time before the cast would have a reunion, like the one airing soon.

There seem to be a lot of guest stars as well in this last episode too. Lady Gaga, Mindy Kaling, Kit Harington, Cara Delevingne, to name a few. Also listed are a few of the non-regular cast members, like Tom Selleck, Elliot Gould, and James Michael Tyler who played Gunther, the manager of Central Perk.


“I’ll be there for yoooooou…”

What? Just me then? Fine! The final episode of Friends will be on streaming from May 27th.

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