“Hey Baby I Hear The Blues A-Callin”

After nearly 17 years since Frasier concluded its eleven-season run in 2004, the Kelsey Grammer-led sitcom might finally find its home at Paramount+.

TVLine brings word that the long-in-development revival of the project is currently in the early stages. The Frasier revival has been in development since 2018 with Grammer actively involved and pushing for the project.

Variety reports that –

“a new iteration of Frasier is in discussions at the ViacomCBS streaming service, though those discussions are said to be in the very early stages.”

“Grammer and any other stars from the original series who would return for the revival would no doubt expect pay comparable to what they were making at the time the show ended,”

Speaking on In-Depth With Graham Bensinger last year, LMO reported that Grammer said –

“We’ve hatched the plan, what we think is the right way to go,”

“[We’re] working on a couple of possible network deals that we’re sorting. We just have to staff it and find somebody who wants to give us money for it. You never know.”

Even if the revival does plan to bring back the show’s other characters, not all will be able to return, John Mahoney died in 2018.

Frasier had earned a total of 108 Emmy nominations and had won 37 of them including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Grammer’s performance as Frasier Crane. In addition, the series had also earned Grammer two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor.