Original Barbarella star Jane Fonda says she isn’t thinking about the plans for a remake of her seminal and iconic role. Sony Pictures has Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney lined up for the role in their Barbarella reboot.

Tremendous Sweeney’s

Fonda played the 41st-century astronaut in 1968s adaption of Jean Claude Forest’s comic book, published in French. It was directed by her then-husband director Roger Vadim, telling the story of Barbarella being sent to find and stop the evil scientist Durand Durand from using his Positronic Ray.


Sweeney executive producing. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Fonda says:

“I try not to [think about it], because I worry about what it’s going to be. I had an idea of how to do it that [original producer] Dino De Laurentiis, when he was still alive, wouldn’t listen to. But it could have been a truly feminist movie.”

Over the years there have been many sequel and reboot attempts. There was a proposed sequel that sounds Carry-On inspired – Barbarella Goes Down. This was a cheap sequel attempt by De Laurentiis.

Terry Southern, writer of the original screenplay, said that he was contacted by de Laurentiis in 1990 to write a sequel. A new version was again proposed in the 2000s, and director Robert Rodriguez was interested in developing a version after the release of Sin City. Universal Pictures planned to produce the film, with Rose McGowan playing Barbarella.


Dino and Martha De Laurentiis signed up writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who had worked on Casino Royale. Universal withdrew when the budget passed $80 million. A studio in Germany stepped in with funding, but there were struggles making the production keep to budget.

Rodriguez eventually left the project as he did not want to be away from his family for months working in Germany.

After several other attempts, Gaumont International Television announced a pilot for a TV series by Amazon Studios in 2012, still written by Purvis and Wade and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, with heavy Asian influence. Refn decided to do The Neon Demon instead, saying:

“…certain things are better left untouched. You don’t need to remake everything.”

No release date or further details about the Barbarella remake are yet known.

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