After the end of the Jodie Whittaker run, and fan favorite David Tennant returning in a surprise regeneration as the fourteenth Doctor, it will soon be time for Ncuti Gatwa to step into the role as the fifteenth incarnation in Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Tennant

First there is a special mini-series of three episodes airing in November 2023 featuring Tennant and his former co-star Catherine Tate, reprising her role as companion Donna Noble. Yasmin Finney and Neil Patrick Harris also appear.

These first official shots are the first time Gatwa and new companion Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday have been seen in costume.

Gatwa’s Doctor appears to be channelling am English country gent look reminiscent of recent Ralph Lauren efforts, via All Saints, Shoreditch and Matthew McConaughey in Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen.  Sartorially, he has some epic shoe action going on. The shoes meet Last Movie Outpost approval because, as you can clearly tell from our appearances, we are all such dedicated followers of fashion. Stop laughing at the back.

Gatwa will appear in Tennant’s final episode for a regeneration scene and then they will be off and running. Russell T. Davies, who relaunched Doctor Who to great success in 2005 with Christopher Ecclestone, returns as showrunner for the specials and new series.

The show was in the doldrums. Whittaker’s brave stint as the first female Doctor, that showed flashes of being great fun, was overshadowed by storylines featuring clumsily inserted modern social and culture war messages, “the message” which destroys all it touches.

The BBC then broke the emergency glass to bring back Davies from his immensely popular time in charge of the show. Somebody at the BBC, possibly Davies, also figured out the show needed some form of stability and familiarity injected, hard, before Gatwa’s run hence the return of Tennant. This is clearly a move designed to steady the ship.

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