Jamie Lee Curtis is back for what will probably be her final performance as Laurie Strode in a Halloween Ends set photo.


Since 1978, Curtis has been going to battle in character as Laurie with her longtime nemesis, Michael Myers.

Things have turned out a bit differently throughout all of the different timelines, but their upcoming confrontation in Halloween Ends is special in that this will most likely be the final time we see Curtis in the role, as there are no plans to continue the story after the upcoming film.

Fans will need to wait for the film’s release to see how the feud ultimately culminates, but for now, they can get a sneak peek at Laurie.

Curtis posted an image of herself to Twitter revealing that she’s now on location to film the third and final instalment of Blumhouse’s Halloween trilogy.

Michael O’Leary has signed on to play a character named Doctor Mathis for Halloween Ends. O’Leary revealed this information on Twitter, but it appears that he’s since deleted the post.

However, it appears that O’Leary also shared he’ll have his “official first day” on Halloween Ends tomorrow, January 27th.

While there isn’t much information given about this Doctor Mathis character, he was first mentioned in Halloween Kills.


You will be able to see Halloween Ends next year on October 14th, 2022.

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