With recent revelations regarding the ending of Indiana Jones 5, and the overwhelmingly negative reaction from fans, Disney is reeling as if they’ve just revived a left-right combo from the powerful arms of Iron Mike… Obama (I’m here all week).

With Hollywood seemingly to have either run out of ideas or is too cowardly to try something new and original, returning to the Indy well one more time was supposed to be a safe bet. 

Director James Mangold took to Twitter to try and calm initial fan reaction by claiming that the alleged Indiana Jones 5 test screenings had not even happened, but we’ve all been here before and fans are not buying it. Anything at Disney with Kathleen Kennedy’s name attached is now met with a justifiable sense of doom and foreboding.

Indy 5 Empire

This leaves Disney with no alternative but to limit damage control and start a counter-attack. This comes in the form of an exclusive image and cover art of Indy, accompanied by an interview with Harrison Ford over at Empire Magazine.

The cover art shows us Indy standing in a 1960s-era New York City as skyscraper tower over him and a golden light encompasses the city. 

Considering Ford is now an 80-year-old, gray-haired old man, the artwork quite clearly shows a dark-haired Indy, with a younger man’s physique.

Not only could time travel be on the cards, but a young Indiana Jones could feature too – or am I just a tin-foil hat-wearing lunatic? Don’t answer that! Also, is that a ticker tape parade, in the 60s – 1969 moon landing return of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins?

Indiana Jones 5 Cover Art

Ford explains his return as Indy: 

“It’s full of adventure, full of laughs, full of real emotion. And it’s complex and it’s sneaky.”

At the end of Crystal Skull, we saw Indy marry Marion and apparently live happily ever after. However, the film in general was a lackluster finale for a character that has kept us rooted to our seats since he first showed up on screen in Raiders Of The Lost Ark back in 1981. Harrison finishes with:

“I just thought it would be nice to see one where Indiana Jones was at the end of his journey.”

We had THE perfect ending with The Last Crusade, Harrison.

Indiana Jones 3

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