LMO has some first images and behind the scenes footage from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming horror venture Demonic.

Written and directed by Blomkamp, the filmmaker crafted Demonic under the radar after production was forced to pause on the AGC-backed Taylor Kitsch action thriller The Inferno amid the ongoing pandemic.

Here’s the BTS teaser:

The synopsis for Demonic reads:

“A young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades old rift between mother and daughter are revealed.”

The first image from Demonic depicts a character looking very much the worse for wear and tied up in what can surely only be for nefarious purposes.


The second image shows another character strapped into some sort of neural reader that will no doubt have ties to the horror elements at the center of Demonic.


Blomkamp has even cited the likes of popular horror franchises such as Paranormal Activity gave him the inspiration to make Demonic, particularly when tackling the creative constraints caused by the global circumstances. Discussing Demonic, Blomkamp said:

“The whole planet was shutting down and the plans that I had for other bigger films were put on hold.

Living out here in this slightly more rural area I was thinking we should self-finance something so that we could make something cool. For a long time, I’ve been really interested in films like Paranormal Activity, and lower budget stuff that is pretty terrifying, and so we just started working on this concept. It grew and it got bigger than films like Paranormal Activity but it was cut from the same cloth really. So that’s what it is. We made use out of a lot of the locations out here and just shot it through the summer.”

Hopefully this Demonic project will find Blomkamp back on form after several recent pitfalls and development setbacks, including cancelled sequels to both Alien and RoboCop.

Blomkamp is also due to return to the world of District 9 with the highly anticipated District 10.

Demonic stars Carly Pope (Elysium), Chris William Martin (The Age of Adaline, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, The Vampire Diaries), and Michael Rogers (Siren, The Blacklist, Supernatural), and is due for release in theaters on August 20th, before hitting VOD and Digital on August 27th.

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