Benedict Cumberbatch playing Greville Wynne? That might be the most British thing I have ever heard. The only thing that could make that any more British is if tea was somehow involved.

However The Courier is not about tea, or wearing dashing red uniforms. It is about spying.

It is the true story about an unassuming British businessman named Greville Wynne who was recruited by MI:6 and the CIA. He provided the crucial intelligence that helped to de-escalate the Cuban Missile Crisis and is regarded as the unsung hero who stopped the Cold War turning decidedly hot. Here is the trailer.

Dominic Cooke directs the movie. Lionsgate will release on March 19th where cinemas are open, and likely to explore PVOD options.

Later in life, Wynne wrote two books about his work for British intelligence. The Man From Moscow (1967) and The Man From Odessa (1981).