It looks like it is the season for cleaning house. The axes are falling all over Tinseltown as streamers look at their data, evaluate the buzz (or lack of it) and get brutal with their content. Another one bites the dust – First Kill.

Netflix has cancelled the teenage vampire series after just one season. The eight episode first season only has its debut in June.


The show is based on a short story by V. E. Schwab and tells the story of two teenage girls who fall in love with each other. The twist? In the Romeo And Juliet, or rather Juliet and Juliet, tradition of star-crossed lovers they come from two warring families.

One is from a dynasty of the greatest vampire hunters, the other a long line of distinguished bloodsuckers.

Despite the key series motifs of “Teenage Interracial Lesbian” sounding like a classic internet search history and most visited PornHub category, it couldn’t save the show. While it has some hardcore fans among the type of unhappy teenage girls, people who ship, write slash fiction and are preparing for a future involving too many cats, it never crossed into the mainstream.

Pillow fight incoming… with added giggling.

Reviews for First Kill were mixed, the numbers just didn’t turn up. The building backlash against the sexualisation of children and the  growing concern of parents at Hollywood’s inclusion of some subject matters in shows aimed at teenagers would also not have helped.

Add in the rumored high cost of the show, and it was always going to be a candidate for the chop.

Elizabeth Mitchell, Will Swenson, Aubion Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Gracie Dzienny and Dylan McNamara starred in First Kill.

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