“Drop Your Weapons, You’re Surrounded By Armed Bastards!”

The writer of BBC time travel cop drama Life On Mars says the series, that first aired in 2006, will return to tie up some loose ends.

Co-creator of Life On Mars Matthew Graham has posted a bunch of tweets that appear to promise a “Final Chapter” for Philip Glenister and John Simm.


The tweets were posted during last night’s Life On Mars watch party, which took place on 1st April, which created speculation that this was just a joke. Graham responded –


Life On Mars ran for two series along with the sequel, Ashes To Ashes. The show followed police detective Sam Tyler (Simm), who is involved in a car accident and wakes up in the 1970s, where he’s forced to work alongside the foul-mouthed DCI Gene Hunt (Glenister).

This “final chapter” will be set in both the 70s Life On Mars timeline and Ashes to Ashes’ 1980s timeline, but “mostly in an alternate now” in Manchester and London.

The format will be of a “TV show within our TV show” called Tyler: Murder Division. It will be spread over four and five episodes, and “then done”.

The BBC has yet to confirm the new episodes. Series co-creator Ashley Pharaoh claimed that the broadcaster turned down a previous revival idea because it didn’t make “financial sense”.

Simm and Glenister, currently starring in ITV’s Belgravia, have said they are open to reprising the roles. They had discussed a big-screen version of the story.