The Warner Bros. and Discovery merger has seen the axe come out across the old Warner Bros. operation as costs are cut. The animation department is a big victim with shows cut or deals broken to allow their creators to shop them around other networks. Final Space is the latest victim.

The animated sci-fi comedy series was part of the Adult Swim offering and ran for three seasons. Shortly before the merger it was abruptly cancelled, but Final Space creator Olan Rogers has said it is being pulled off all streaming services too. The reason? Tax!

Final Space

Final Space follows Gary Goodspeed, an energetic yet dim-witted astronaut who, in the midst of working off the last few days of his five-year sentence aboard the prison spacecraft Galaxy One, encounters a mysterious planet-destroying alien.

He befriends the alien, naming him Mooncake, and then discovers that they are being pursued by the sinister, telekinetic Lord Commander. Together, Gary and Mooncake embark on a quest to save the universe, with help from the artificial intelligence HUE and a growing crew of shipmates, each with their own personal troubles – all while trying to uncover the secrets surrounding Final Space, a bizarre realm where the universe ends.

Once Netflix’s license is up Final Space will be removed from all domestic and international markets and it will then be gone forever. Olan says:

“Five years of my life. Three seasons of TV. Blood, sweat, and tears… became a tax write-off for the network who owns Final Space.

Yup. That’s it. That’s why it’s disappeared everywhere in the USA. Five years of work vanished. When the license is up internationally, Netflix will take it down, and then it will be gone forever.

There are no more physical copies of S1 and S2, and no physical copies of Season 3 were ever made. Your memory of Final Space will be the only proof it ever existed unless you own a copy.”

Predictably a #RenewFinalSpace campaign has started and, of course, Rogers supports this.

David Zaslav’s accountant strikes again.

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