Creed III is a massive hit… literally. Videos and news reports have started being shared online from various screenings in France and Germany, after the movie went on wide global release, of fights erupting in theaters as the end credits roll. This has happened in widely spread screenings, rather than in one certain region.


Deadline have carried stories from French media, soon joined by German videos too, of physical brawls breaking out. According to reports, there were more than a dozen disturbances in France alone, including one incident where a mass brawl caused 500 people to be evacuated from the theater.

Police were called on a number of occasions.

Creed III is shaping up very well, breaking records for Rocky franchise entries and sports movies, and getting very strong critical reviews that are praising the drama and story alongside the fight sequences.

It seems this heady combination of heartfelt melodrama with explosive fighting is too much for some people, who are finding it impossible to control themselves come to the crescendo.


Some French cinemas have now decided to pull Creed III due to audience behavior. In Germany, screenings in Bremen, Hamburg, and Essen have also been canceled after the police were called to violent clashes in the audience and outside the venues.

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